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"We provide coaching, consulting, and services to individuals on how to use digital tools and processes to create a business with value, and how to communicate that value to a target audience by developing an intentional brand. We work together to design the brand items which support the brand message."

Tracie King


Designer Rule, LLC

What Designer Rule Can Do for You

Is this you?

"I'm tired of my current job and working for a company but I'm not sure I have what it takes to start my own business…"

"I have developed a product or service, but I don't know how to get it to an audience"

"I have a business, but I am not landing my ideal client. How do I better connect with my audience"

"My business is thriving, but I am wearing many hats and I am exhausted, is there an easier way to do this?"

Let's face it, brands don't develop overnight despite how they might appear in the media. A brand is a way a business communicates its value to a targeted audience that desires the products or services the business offers. The expressed value is what makes a potential customer choose your business instead of a competitor's. The customer's positive experience of that value is what makes them come back for more and bring a friend.

Designer Rule can help with the following:

  • Coaching/Consulting on business startup
  • Consulting/Training on digital tools to support & sustain the business
  • Implementing tools and processes for your business
  • Coaching you to develop your brand message - your Designer Rule!
  • Designing brand items (logo, website, etc.) to support your message

Design the rule that shares your value to your audience. Create processes for sustainability.

Your options for engaging with Designer Rule

A founding principle of our Designer Rule is that micro business owners can access information to develop their micro business regardless of budget. For that reason we offer free content as well as paid. The free content gives you access to the R.U.L.E framework and allows you to engage in self study for your business development. Our programs and events are opportunities to engage in group activities at an affordable price. Our 1:1 coaching and consulting is our premium offer which can happen in a series of meetings (coaching) or on an as needed basis (consulting).

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1:1 coaching & consulting

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What Desiger Rule Clients Say

"Tracie of Designer Rule created the first logo and website for my business brand. From the beginning, she was extremely accommodating and transparent when it came to the design process. Tracie was so thorough and helped me narrow down what elements I needed to implement into my branding in order for customers to fully understand my business idea. Because of her expertise and professionalism, she helped boost the popularity of my business and ultimately helped increase my sales!"

Ebony Johnson


Soul Sweet

"Tracie worked with me to develop my personal brand through a series of 1:1 coaching sessions. Tracie helped me define what I wanted to achieve with my brand so that we could then begin to navigate the space between my current standing and my goals. Tracie helped me establish a personal mission and vision statement, as well as strategies to grow my personal brand over the next five years. Tracie has a way of getting to your “why”, then keeping you focused. For me this was critical to success."

Charity Odom

Human Capital Development &

DEI&B Consultant

Charity Odom Brand

"Rylie's Organic ChapStick (ROCS) has been consulting with Designer Rule (DR) from its inception. DR has provided us with effective strategies to ensure that we take those deep dives needed for planning and selecting the right processes based on our strengths and weaknesses. DR guides us through analyzing our opportunities and threats and looks at our business from a different lens. The depth of knowledge and communication provided is at a level that we can relate to. Every meeting is inspirational and productive as we meet milestones and work to meet our goals. You will be so pleased with the results when you partner with and follow the rules of DR. Designer Rule ROCS"

Krista Lawrence


R.O.C.S. Cosmetics

My Story

Tracie King is the Founder and CEO of Designer Rule, LLC. A New Orleans, Louisiana native and resident, she is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where she earned her MFA in Computer Art/Motion Graphics. She has worked as a higher ed instructor for nearly two decades, teaching others what she learned along the way in her work as a designer. She freelanced until 2012, when she decided to officially incorporate under the name Designer Rule. As she expanded her reach she came in contact repeatedly with clients who sought the services of a designer but who did not have clearly defined brands. She also noticed a digital divide at play. Clients were often missing the opportunity to automate and incorporate tech into their business processes for sustainability. Tracie put Designer Rule on hiatus to pursue further education and to rethink her own brand. Designer Rule was relaunched with the goal of going beyond designing the graphics and messaging for business. While those services are offered it is not the main focus of the business. In fact, design services are not offered to a business that does not have a clearly defined brand. This is because Tracie is more interested in quality versus quantity. Designing 100 logos for businesses that will end within a year is not the goal. Creating sustainable practices is. Tracie has worked to develop content and programs that provide guidance and actionable steps toward brand visioning, brand messaging, tech supported processes for the micro business and an overall plan for business sustainability.

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